Shri Parasnath Digamber Jain Gurukul

Shri Parasnath Digamber Jain Gurukul

Shri Parasnath Digamber Jain Gurukul

Shri Parasnath Digamber Jain Gurukul

15-2-262, Jain Bhavan,
Maharaj Gunj,
Hyderabad-12 ( T.S.)

Our Inspiration

Late Shri Babulal Pahade

Chief Patron

The late Shri Babulal Ji Pahade served as an inspiration for the creation of Gurukul. With the ashirwad of param Pujaya Aacharya 108 Vidhya Sagar Ji Maharaj in the guidance of the Late Shri Ratanlal Ji Benada Sanganer (jaipur), Shri Babulal Ji took the lead and established the Shri Parasnath Digamber Jain Gurukul in 2004 with 22 students with the aid of others. On October 20, 1939, Babulal Ji Pahade was born. He founded several companies. He had great business success. He provided medical, educational, and religious services to the community. He served as a trustee in numerous national religious institutions. On August 12, 2016, he passed away.

Welcome to Shri Parasnath Digamber Jain Gurukul, Hyderabad

Shri Parasnath Digamber Jain Gurukul


Gurukul readies Jain students for life by blending religious values with English education. The aim is well-mannered, educated individuals who adapt and contribute positively to society, emphasizing the role of religious knowledge in shaping character and guiding life’s journey.


Gurukul’s tall building has four floors with modern facilities, including Jain temples, a computer lab, a library, meeting hall, dining area, student and teacher rooms, an office, guest room, and management space. Sports areas to promote students’ physical and mental health.


The students who are interested in secular as well as religious education are eligible and will be selected on the basis of merit list through a selection camp. minimum of 70% marks are required in SSC exam (10th) student should also have the knowledge of Hindi and English language.


In the bright times of today, young people are sometimes not as connected to values and social manners, often influenced by Western culture. To address this concern, students receive religious education from respected spiritual teachers.


Gurukul goes beyond religious education, preparing students for success in today’s world. With diverse academic paths and special classes in English and Computers, it offers career counseling, guidance, and assistance in placements.


Gurukul shapes minds not just through learning but also through cultural programs. Students actively participate, competing at district and state levels, winning numerous prizes in various activities, fostering holistic development.


The importance of education always rises with that of a person. A educated and purificated person can only lend his service towards society and nation. A good quality education brings the progress of human mind, character capacity behavior intelligence and good attitude. This positive education includes all the ideal qualities of a person. We can achieve it in a pure environment. Having this plan in mind, Shri Parasnath Digamber Jain Gurukul was establish in June 2004 with the blessings of Acharya Shri 108 Vidyasagarji Maharaj and by the hard work of Hyderabad Digamber jain society. This is an unforgettable work done by jain’s community.


Jain Gurukul

Four Floor Building

Jain temples

computer lab


Seminar Hall


Student Residence

Teachers Residence


Guest Room

Management Room

Sports Facilities

Jain Hostel


Seminar Hall



Gurukul maintains a structured atmosphere through its guidelines. To obtain an admission form, kindly contact Gurukul directly or access it for download.


Shri Parasnath Digamber Jain Gurukul

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