Provide financial support as per your wish for donating knowledge for the secular and religious progress of the students.

You can contribute to the Temple in the following ways:

  • One Day Shantidhara – ₹1100.00
  • Shantidhara of one month – ₹5100.00
  • One day worship material – ₹751.00
  • One month worship material – ₹11,000.00
  • One day’s Vidhan Punyaarjak – ₹5100.00

Major devotees of the eight days of Vidhan organized in Ashtanhika of Ashadh can become supporters by paying an amount of ₹2,51,000.00.
Facility – The person conducting the Vidhan in the Gurukul is given the facility of Pandit ji and the musician along with complete preparation of the Vidhan from the Gurukul.

  • Medicine – ₹2100.00 per month was added for providing medicines to the students.

Food Arrangements for Students

  • One day food for all students – ₹11,000.00
  • One meal – ₹5100.00
  • Breakfast per day – ₹2500.00
  • One day sweets distribution – ₹1100.00

Virtuous Charioteer

  • Punya Sarathi of adopting a student for one year – ₹25,000.00
  • Punya Sarathi of adopting a student for five years – ₹1,01,000.00


In the form of education support for the students studying in Gurukul, you can directly provide financial support to the student, you can select the student yourself or the committee member can select him and tell him. At present an annual fee of ₹15,000.00 is charged from a student in Gurukul.

You can also directly support the students by becoming a participant in inter college or degree college fees.

You can avail the benefits of any of the following schemes, for that you can deposit its amount in the bank in one go or in small amounts as per your convenience.

Apart from these schemes, you can deposit any amount starting from ₹1 as per your wish in the bank account of the institution.

State Bank of India

A/C no. 62234591868
IFSC Code – SBIN0020069
Shri parasnath digamber jain gurukul

Apart from this, if you want to extend any kind of support to the Gurukul, you can contact the Management Committee.

Request – With your little support, the future of a brother in our society can become bright.