With the blessings of Acharya Shri Vidyasargar Ji Maharaj and the direction of Late Shri Pt. Ratanlal Ji Bainada Ji and Bhai Saab Late. With the kind support of Shri Babulal Ji Pahade, the tree whose seeds were planted in 2004 by all of us has sprouted today, blossomed with the branches and flowers of education and values, taking the form of a huge tree and moving forward on the path of progress in front of us. Happening.

My own experience in the world of education has been thought-provoking that in today’s era it is mandatory for everyone to get education. In today’s time, education is very important. Along with secular education, religious education is also provided to the students living in this institution, which is essential for their moral maturity in the future.

We believe that every section of the society has the right to education. If a person becomes something after getting education, then his family gets support. We get great happiness by seeing the children of the society develop in their lives. For the successful operation of this Gurukul in the future too, we continuously expect cooperation from all the society from all our heart, mind and wealth.

This Gurukul has completed 19 glorious years while being at the pinnacle of progress, due to which many students are benefiting from it and are engaged in building their future, holding various posts, and doing service at various places. We wish this Gurukul all the best for doing many dignified works in the future and playing a tireless role in the development of many students and wish for its bright future.