It is my utmost good fortune that I got the opportunity to serve as a minister in ‘Shri Parasnath Digambar Jain Gurukul’, which is equipped with education and values.

This Gurukul, the pride of the entire Digambar Jain community of the country, has been working for the bright future of the students for the last nineteen years. Seeing the devotion of our respected father Shri Babulal Ji Pahade and the entire Pahade family towards religion and affection towards the students, I was also inspired to do such a noble work.

Where today western culture is dominant, the students here get B.A.,,, C.A., C.S. including computer subjects through English medium by connecting with civilization, culture and religious values. etc. are getting education.

This Gurukul, which has five storeys, is displaying amazing progress in education and values. There are many other such educational institutions in India, yet this Gurukal has maintained its own place in the field of education and values. The students of this Gurukul have achieved many achievements whether it is in the field of awards given by the Governor, Chief Minister, Minister, MP or in getting high positions in colleges.

While paying my obeisance at the feet of Gurukul Praneta, Most Revered Acharya Shri 108 Vidyasagar Ji Maharaj, I feel that it is the result of his blessings. That I am able to discharge this post. I always seek his blessings.